October 20, 2021
Creating the Future of Healthcare Through Digital Technology
Healthcare is becoming more of a societal problem with chronic diseases impacting whole communities, not just individuals. Using breakthrough technology... Read more
September 17, 2021
Post-Game Retrospective: The Economic, Political, and Social Impact of the Tokyo Olympics
The Silicon Valley Japan Platform held its October monthly Benkyokai webinar,  “Post-Game Retrospective: The Economic, Political and Social Impact of... Read more
August 12, 2021
MPower: Shaping a Better World Through ESG Investing
Our September Benkyokai discussed the three co-founders’ personal and professional journeys leading to their partnership, their strategic and unique advantage... Read more
August 4, 2021
The Evolution of ITOCHU’s Business Model and Sustainability of Society
The Silicon Valley Japan Platform’s August monthly Benkyokai webinar featured Claire Chino, President & CEO, ITOCHU International Inc. Itochu is... Read more
July 7, 2021
Why Clubhouse and the Social Audio is the Future of the Creator Economy
The Silicon Valley Japan Platform hosted the July monthly Benkyokai webinar to learn from James Andrews, Social media influencer, Entrepreneur,... Read more
February 3, 2021
Leading with Passion and Values: Changing Japan’s Job-Seeking Landscape
Wantedly is a social hiring platform that allows companies and talents to meet based on shared mission, vision, and passion,... Read more
January 13, 2021
The Year of Cybersecurity
The year 2020 has been like no other in recent time.  While private companies and government organizations have made amazing... Read more