Evolution: Accelerating Innovation Through U.S., Japan, and India Connections

On November 2, 6:00PM (PT) // November 3, 10:00AM (JT), the SVJP Benkyokai featured a venture capital firm with a mission and model that sets it apart from any other.

Evolution’s mission is to help Japanese corporations realize new business opportunities through digital transformation, by combining resources in the US, Japan, and India in novel and unique ways. The US has a large number of aspiring and successful entrepreneurs, India is home to a huge population of highly trained software engineers, and there are many Japanese corporations that can reach markets not only domestically, but throughout the far corners of the globe. Evolution has assembled a team of multicultural and multilingual members that have deep experiences with, and massive networks of, sought after resources in these three regions.

The session was led by Evolution’s Vice President, Aki Ohashi, and moderated by Michael Sera, President of Sera Consulting.