Past Events

Ikigai: Finding Purpose Through a Journey of Entrepreneurship in Japan

In 2008, a trip to Kyoto lead Victoria Tsai to a meeting with a geisha and a discovery of their natural beauty secrets.  Despite being told beauty products from Asia had no appeal to the U.S. market, Victoria worked tirelessly from her parent’s garage in South San Francisco to grow her company.  By 2017, sales reached $70M and within 12 months Tatcha was acquired by Unilever.  In SVJP’s December Benkyokai, Victoria shared her insight on perseverance, discovery and the true purpose behind the entrepreneurial spirit. 

Among the many titles Victoria Tsai holds at Tatcha – founder, product developer, sushi connoisseur-in-chief – the one on her business card fits best: Chief Treasure Hunter.

After suffering from acute dermatitis and developing an awareness of the importance of ingredients, Victoria began traveling in search of a more evolved approach to beauty.  Tatcha was born as a way to share the treasures she discovered along her journeys.

Victoria is also passionate about education and philanthropy, and built giving into Tatcha’s DNA. Each purchase funds schools for girls in low-income countries.