Past Events

Japan: Capitalism That Works

Japan has what it takes to be a global champion economy, admired not just for socio-political stability but also for her corporate competitive power, her peoples’ innovation potential, her domestic markets opportunity, and her pragmatic multi-stakeholder governance. Structurally, the economic drags of the previous generation – debt, deflation, demoralization, and demographics – are poised to turn and become an increasingly powerful engine for a new growth dynamic; and cyclically, the 2020/21 COVID depression may actually turn-out to be a catalyst for long-overdue behavioral change inside corporations. Too good to be true?

Jesper Koll shared where exactly the growth opportunities are; what drives them; how your business can engage and profit from the new up-cycle; what internal and external forces could derail it; and why the “post-Abe” decade is poised to become a New Japanese Golden Age.

Mr. Daniel Fujii, President & CEO of Trust Capital and Executive Committee member of the SVJP moderated the event.