Entrepreneur Project Director

Takayuki Doi

As the Project Director, Takayuki Doi is responsible for conceptualizing, engineering, and executing novel projects that effectively bridge the divide between leaders, particularly entrepreneurs and investors, from Japan and the United States. His primary mission is to invigorate the SVJP community by enabling its members to forge connections and collaborate with stakeholders across borders in a multifaceted manner.

Takayuki has a background working for financial institutions and fintech companies. He has also helped foreign tech companies enter the Japanese market and expand their business in Asia. Currently, he facilitates connections between Israel and Japan and offers a wide range of support in human resources, investment, and business collaboration, particularly for tech companies. Takayuki holds a BA in Sociology from Waseda University and an MBA from the Sofaer Global Program at Tel Aviv University in Israel and NYU Stern School of Business in the US.