Co-Chair of the SVJP Executive Committee

Naoaki Mashita

Naoaki Mashita was born in 1977 and obtained a master’s degree in computer science from Keio University. During his time at Keio University in 1998, he established V-cube Internet Inc. (now V-cube Inc.) which specializes in web solutions. Later on, the company shifted its focus towards video communication, primarily web conferences and online events. In 2013, the company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is currently on its Prime Market. In the same year, he founded Sensyn Robotics (formerly V-Cube Robotics) which offers solutions using robotics such as drones. He also acquired Wizlearn Technologies Pte. Ltd. in Singapore, started the Telecube business in 2017, and acquired Xyvid Inc. in the USA in 2021. He has been actively involved in new ventures and international expansion. In 2022, he took up the role of Chairman and Group CEO. He is the Vice Chair of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives and the Chairman of the Regulatory Reform Committee. From 2023, he serves as an external director for Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Ushio Electric, and MICIN, and also chairs the Japanese government’s Regulatory Reform Promotion Council.

He lives primarily in three countries: Singapore, San Francisco, and Japan. With a mission to realize an “Even” society, he addresses challenges such as urban concentration, an aging population with declining birth rates, long working hours, and disparities in education and healthcare. Through visual communication, he aims to solve these issues, striving for a society where all its members have equal opportunities.