SVJP Exclusive Showing: “Rolling Along”

For a special October Benkyokai, the SVJP held an in-person, exclusive showing of Bill Bradley’s One-Man Broadway Show, called “Rolling Along.” Directed by Mike Tollin and Co-Produced by Spike Lee and Frank Oz, the film documents Bradley’s experiences as a formidable student athlete, professional New York Knicks basketball player and World Champion, US Senator, and 2000 US Presidential Candidate. It carries a level of disarming honesty and deep insight that is only made possible by Bill Bradley’s personal writing and narration.  

On October 11, 6pm PT, the SVJP community gathered to view and discuss this gripping analysis of America through Bradley’s eyes. Unavailable to the public, this exclusive showing was offered to our community as an opportunity to learn about SVJP Advisor Bill Bradley and his extraordinary life. In watching the film, it is Bradley’s hope that “people will feel a connection because of the humanity of the piece, and in elements of it people will see their own life.” Upon viewing, participants were amazed by the humility and deeply personal reflection displayed in the documentary. Several remarked that the viewing was, in summary, “profoundly impactful.”