Why Clubhouse and the Social Audio is the Future of the Creator Economy

The Silicon Valley Japan Platform hosted the July monthly Benkyokai webinar to learn from James Andrews, Social media influencer, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and Founder of Authenticated, a startup factory and brand advisory designed to build better companies, launch new ideas and illuminate influential people through experiences, content, advisory and investments.  

As one of Clubhouse’s most followed personalities with a following of 2.2 million, James Andrews focused on the meteoric rise of the Silicon Valley startup and the role social audio is playing as a collaborative platform to bring together diverse communities and bring out creativity. 

Mr. James Andrews is the founder of Authenticated Ventures, a venture advisory designed to build better companies, launch new ideas and illuminate influential people through experiences, content and investment advisory. At the center is The Authenticated, a 300+ membership community made up of influential creative entrepreneurs, brand builders, investors and innovators in culture.The Authenticated has a city tour, mobile / web platform and creates content and community opportunities. Post COVID, The Authenticated has created weekly “virtual Jeffersonian dinners” and produces monthly salons and summits in live stream on a number of topics and themes.

Andrews previously founded Social People a strategic digital agency that was acquired in 2013. Social People worked with clients Nike, Beats By Dre, The Grammy Awards, CNN, Equinox and Lexus on global social media initiatives. In 2009 Andrews created #BeatCancer an online movement to raise awareness for Cancer research. Launched over a dinner idea #BeatCancer garnered the 1st ever Guinness World Record for social media mentions and raised $70,000 for in 24hrs via Twitter.

Before launching Social People, Andrews was VP, Ketchum PR and built their global social media practice area for clients, FedEx, GeekSquad, Nokia, and Wendy’s. In 1999, Andrews built and sold email newsletter to Urban Box Office, a digital entertainment company. At the center of the NYC dot-com boom the company went on to raise $40m and hire 320 employees in 15 months. Soul Purpose and Andrews were both featured in the Wall Street Journal. Andrews formative years were spent as a senior marketing executive at Columbia Records in the mid 90’s, helping develop artists like Nas, The Fugees, Destiny’s Child and Lauryn Hill become household names.

James Andrews has been a keynote speaker globally in Dubai, Tel Aviv, Abu Dhabi, Sao Paulo, and Norway and was named to the Ebony Power100 list. James Andrews attended UCLA, grew up in Palo Alto, CA and is on the board at Alliance College Ready Public Schools, the largest charter school network in Los Angeles, Muse School in Malibu, CA and Uncharted Play, a NYC renewable energy company based in Harlem and involved in a number of early stage smart city developments in Africa.

Ms. Sheri Bryant is the President of Sansar, the premiere virtual live events platform from Wookey Technologies. Sheri oversees the company’s charge into pioneering the future of virtual worlds.

She spent most of her career in Los Angeles in the entertainment industry, first at The Walt Disney Co. then at various media companies, pushing the disruption of traditional entertainment into digital. Before leaving LA for Silicon Valley, Ms. Bryant was Co-Founder and CEO of groundbreaking digital platform Geek & Sundry, a popular geek culture entertainment network, which she sold to Hollywood studio Legendary Entertainment in 2015. Sheri has spent her adult life promoting diversity and championing Asians in the entertainment and tech industries through non-profit organizations CAPE and Goldhouse, and now Silicon Valley Japan Platform. She currently is the happy mother of an 8-year old son, and spends any spare time (haha) riding horses and chasing dragons.