MPower: Shaping a Better World Through ESG Investing

Our September Benkyokai discussed the three co-founders’ personal and professional journeys leading to their partnership, their strategic and unique advantage in the venture industry, and the exciting possibilities that lay ahead as they set out to integrate ESG in the startup ecosystem not only to achieve sustainable and scalable growth, but also to encourage the healthy development of financial markets and society as a whole.


Kathy Matsui, General Partner and Co-Founder, is the former Vice Chair of Goldman Sachs Japan and Chief Japan Equity Strategist. Her groundbreaking ʻWomenomicsʼ research spurred the Japanese government to promote gender diversity, and she has advised corporations on governance and diversity best practices. She has an MA from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and an AB from Harvard.

Yumiko Murakami, General Partner and Co-Founder, is the former head of the OECD Tokyo Centre, and she also spent 20 years working for Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse. She is a leading authority on corporate governance, tax guidelines, gender diversity, education, trade and innovation issues. Yumiko has an MBA from Harvard Business School, MA from Stanford University and BA from Sophia University.

Miwa Seki, General Partner and Co-Founder, is a former Japanese growth equity portfolio manager with Clay Finlay, and she previously worked in investment banking for Morgan Stanley. She has translated over 50 business/entrepreneurship publications, and is also an associate professor of Kyorin University. Miwa earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Keio University.


Atsuko Jenks, Based in Silicon Valley, Atsuko Jenks has advised Japanese corporations and startups from all over the world for the past 20 years as a strategy consultant. Atsuko’s activities are integrated into Japan Accelerator’s corporate innovation programs which includes startup scouting, screening and evaluation for Japanese corporations as well as mentoring for startups. Atsuko is a member of the mentor network of German Accelerator’s Next Step Japan program, where she advises German startups entering the Japanese market and forming strategic partnership with Japanese corporations, Urban X and Founder Institute, which focuses on early stage startups developing solutions for climate change and sustainability on a global scale. In addition, Atsuko oversees and directs development and implementation of corporate innovation initiatives, new business development acceleration and global talent training programs for Japanese corporations. She is also an early stage angel investor.